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View Sherry's photo on Mera-Dog's Hall of Champions 2007 & 2006 :
CLICK HERE & go to Hall Of Champions
Sherry is a Grand-PAW!!!
Congratulations to Sherry's oldest daughter, Vallie vom Kirschental
(aka "Allie") on her litter of 10 puppies!!!!!
Allie is owned by my friend, Julie Richards-Mostosky
I think Allie looks like Bunny's twin!!
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Meet our “new girl”, Amy von den Blauen Bergen, a VA Ronaldo Zellergrund daughter!
Herding Enthusiasts!
My friend, Marion Fueller, has asked me to post this news:

In 2009, the big sheepherding trial (Bundesleitungshuten) is in Stettbach, Germany near Schweinfurt, the home of the Kirschental Kennel.

The Ortsgroup (local SV club) in Schweinfurt and the Fueller Family are trying to make this a special event for all people who are interested in the old fashioned work of "original" shepherd dogs. We invite all enthusiasts & advise you to make plans now, for next year!
The dates of the Bundesleistungshuten & the Bundessiegerprufung are very compatible for those making travel plans to attend both events. Donaueschingen is 297 km away from Stettbach.

The new dates for the SV events in Germany in 2009!

Termine Hauptvereinsveranstaltungen 2009 (11/08)

FCI-Bundesqualifikation23. - 24.05. Eschenbach
Deutsche Jugend- und Juniorenmeisterschaft 30.05. - 01.06. Gera
SV-Bundessiegerzuchtschau 2009:28. - 30.08. Ulm - Donaustadion
SV-Bundesleistungshüten 2009:25. - 27.09., Schweinfurt
SV-Bundessiegerprüfung 2009:02. - 04.10., Donaueschingen - Reiterstadion
WUSV-Weltmeisterschaft 2009:08. - 11.10., Krefeld - Grotenburg-Stadion
Puppy K Class (6 weeks) Dates TBA FREE for Traumhof puppies.
$120 for non Traumhof puppies

Adult Class (6 weeks) Dates TBA
Puppy 1st grade - Starting TBA
$60.00 for Traumhof Puppies
$120 for non Traumhof puppies

Show Handling Classes - Stacking/Gaiting/ring Training
Starting April
$10.00 per class

Next Puppy K -Starting May
FREE for Traumhof Puppies
$120.00 non Traumhof Puppies

Canine good Citizen Class - Starting April 18
$60.00 Traumhof German Shepherd Dog
$120.00 non Traumhof dog
Canine Good Citizen tests administered at the end of the session.
Test is also open to dogs who have not attended our classes. Test fee for non clients = $10.00

Intro to Herding - Starting late spring & early Summer
Traumhof German Shepherd Dogs $10 first intro lesson.
$30 for weekly lessons.
Non Traumhof dogs $40.00 per session
Join us for a New Puppy Seminar!!!
Will a German Shepherd puppy be joining your family this spring?
We invite you to join us for an informational seminar, prior to bringing home your puppy.
Topics covered: puppy proofing an area, housebreaking, things you will need,
feeding, settling your puppy into your home, socialization, troubleshooting,
communicating with your puppy.
Seminar fee:$20.00 per family
$35.00 for non Traumhof puppy families
*Pre Registration Required*
Date: TBA

Join us for “Dog Career Day”
Learn about the training and work of, a SAR dog, a Guide Dog, and a Working K9.
Demonstrations & information from each team.
Seminar Fee: $20.00 person
$ 30.00 per person non Traumhof family
*Pre Registration Required*

Bring your puppy to a Puppy Party
Puppy Parties are all about Socializing!
Puppies will play in a fenced play yard complete with play equipment
(& in warm weather, kiddie pools!).
We encourage puppy families to interact with all the puppies, making this a perfect opportunity for your puppy to meet and socialize with people & dogs!
$10.00 per puppy
Puppy Parties Scheduled 2X per week, starting in April
Sherry & Xenia CONGRATULATE their Daughters
BUNNY & EMBER on earning their respective AKC HIC!
We love to see our puppies Herding!

Watch for Sherry & his progeny on an upcoming episode of Animal Planet's new show,
Dogs 101. Saturdays, in October. The GSD episode is reported to be airing week 3; October 25th at 8:00 pm Eastern & Pacific!  Check the Dogs 101 page for additional times.  Animal Planet spent a day with us this summer, filming!
Click here for a direct link to the GSD video segment.

Read Karen's Herding article, Featuring an interview with Karl Fuller; published in the July-August 2008 GSDCA-WDA Newsletter. This was Sherry’s 1st Magazine Cover, too!
  Click here!

Traumhof announces the arrival of Isabelle vom Kirschental
V4 (BSZS 08) Panjo Kirschental, SchH3 
V Laiga v Kirschental, HGH
(Laiga is a multiple VA Odin Holtkamper Hof daughter!)
We are very excited about this promising young girl!
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To Sherry's daughter
Vallie vom Haus Kirschental ("Allie") & owner Julie Mostosky
on earning her BH & AD!!!  In training for her Schutzhund 1.
Both Xenia & Amy are confirmed pregnant.
Cosy has been bred to Sherry!
Xenia whelped a litter on May 16, 2009.
5 Males, 2 Females

Click here to see them
We are proud of Daisy vom Traumhof (Kiddie/Sherry)
who has earned her TDI!!!
Way to go "Kiley"!
This month's SV magazine features Sherry's daughter (Sherry Kirschental x Faye Kirschental) Vallie vom Haus Kirschental ("Allie") on the cover! Congratualtions to Julie Richards-Mostosky on another cover photo!
to Enya & Ella vom Traumhof!!
Both girls have earned their HIC
We love to know our dogs are getting out with sheep!
To Julie Richards-Mostosky &
Vallie vom Haus Kirschental "Allie"

on earning SchH1!!!!!!!
Allie is from one of Sherry's first litters.
We are very proud of Julie and Allie on this accomplishment!
to Sherry's Daughter V Anke v. Zellergrund
SchH1, KKL1
and owner Melissa Chamberlain, U.K.
Sherry CONGRATULATES his daughter,
Anke vom Zellergrund