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We have puppies available now & will have on the way. Our litters/younger puppy information is found on our Upcoming Breedings/Litters page.
We do not sell puppies nor adopt dogs to anyone we have not met in person. We require an in person visit & we do not ship puppies to distant states. I can not imagine how a puppy would feel if he/she landed in a strange place & was picked up by a strange person.

Older puppies /Young Adults available - done with the teething phase/up to date vaccines. These puppies are a good choice for the family with an existing dog as they are less fragile than tiny new puppies and are ready to play. Also good for the working family who wishes to skip those first weeks when a baby puppy can not "hold it" more than 2 hours. Adolescents come with their own special circumstances & requirements. While some aspects are easier than with baby puppies, some take patience and time. Instead of training a very little being, you have to train a larger dog with more opinion. It also takes longer for an older animal to adapt to a new home and new life circumstances than it does a very young puppy. The adolescent has to bond to and trust his new family first, before he begins to have socialization experiences outside your home,and experience lots of new situations. Baby puppies tend to be more forgiving" of handler error and lack of handler experience. Adolescent puppies will do best with someone who is a clear communicator and understands how to time praise/ reward, teach commands, and establish boundaries. If you have the time to put in, and the inclination to have a "project", these will be super dogs when they are developed.
We also occasionally have some older puppies/adolescents with some training in place already - these are priced higher than those with no training.
Available for Adoption:
We have several adults available for adoption for an adoption fee & with an agremeent that if at any time they can not be kept, they must be returned to us. Wonderful dogs who have always been loved and cared for. The benefit to adopting one of our dogs is that the whole history of the animal is known. These are dogs who in some cases have highly successful show records, basic training, are reliable off lead, social, healthy, and would make excellent companions in a family. If you would like to consider adopting, please email me with some information about you, your family, your needs. In most cases the girls would get along fine with a puppy or a male dog, but not necessarily with an adult female dog they were not raised with. I can not promise you how they will be with cats. They are all well socialized to people and have fabulous temperaments.
I anticipate they have a long life ahead of them, and they would be truly wonderful additions as companions.
Unlike many Rescue groups, I do not require my Adopters to have a fenced yard. I feel that some of my best families over the years have had no fence; but those families work harder to exercsie their dog and spend tme with their dog, where many families with a fence rely on it as a babysitter and it leads to bored, lonely dogs. (Not ALL families abuse the fence, but some do..thus I do not feel it is a requirement for a great home.)
& About Adoption & Sponsoring
We have always had dogs who benefit from sponsors or who need sponsors, but this section is new to our website & still under construction..
The dogs come first to me. Every puppy I have bred is important to me. And I feel a responsibility to that animal for his or her entire life.
There are many dogs residing with me who are not part of my breeding program. These include animals who were surrendered back to me at some point in their life, because their family could no longer keep them, (some of these are candidates to rehome/were rehomed, others, for various reasons, will have sanctuary here and will not be available to adopt.) individuals who had congenital defects that precluded me selling them, but whom I felt deserved a chance at a happy life, with their issue well managed, and retired dogs who are no longer competing or breeding, but whom I love dearly & are most contentedly helping with younger generations of their family & enjoying napping on my bed and sofas. 
My contract includes a stipulation that if at ANY time, a family can not keep the dog they received from me, that animal MUST be offered back to me. I have stood behind this, and have taken dogs back whenever needed.  In 2012, my personal circumstances changed as a result of the aftermath my divorce. I had to move from my farm - the only home some of my dogs had ever known - and it became more difficult for me to support the dogs. However, I managed to find a place to go with them & they are settled into their new home. The dogs are safe and well cared for, as always.
The non breeding/surrendered/adoptable dogs require food and routine vet care, time spent on day to day care/needs, and some need medications regularly. Others have every day needs and creature comforts I like to provide - beds, toys, chews, high quality food. I have had a private list of dogs available to sponsor and
what their needs are, for quite some time. I have provided the list to those who have inquired about helping. Some folks sponsor a particular need for an individual, others have generously offered to provide many things for one dog, or have donated to the "community". All help is appreciated as I endeavor to keep my high standard of care for all of the dogs not in my breeding program.
Some items are always in demand, others are on a wish list as a one time need. If you would like more information on sponsoring or donating prior to the new pages bei
ng completed, please email me.Sponsors receive regular updates/photos from their sponsored dogs via email. Some additional info below:

For those who prefer to help a specific animal; some of the dogs are available for people to sponsor, until the cost of their annual care is met. Sponsoring a dog means contributing towards his/her food, any meds needed, routine care - example heartworm prevention, vaccines -, and an item on his/her wish list. (The dogs have favorite things. One loves the horse sized Jolly Balls, another likes Kong Wobbler, filled with goodies nightly. An older dog with a little arthritis would love a new Foster and Smith Quilted Super Deluxe mattress bed.) If you sponsor a particular dog, you will receive email updates & photos from that dog. If you want to sponsor a dog, I will provide a list of animals with a bio for each one and his/her needs.

For those who want to donate some help, but prefer to contribute towards general care for everyone - and this means everyone NOT in my breeding program- I am including a wish list. Some of the items are things people may have and we willing to donate vs. purchase:

*Kuranda beds - Currently 4 are needed.
*4 horse mats - Tractor Supply
*Kennel pens - 3 for separating dogs as needed within the larger area.
*shavings, kennel cleaner, trash bags, towels,
*Window A/C unit - 1 needed
*Baby crib Mattresses (for beds)
* Fans
Regular/ Ongoing Care needs: Dog food (Tractor Supply), Oil, Medication/ wormer/vaccines/ Heart Worm Preventative, Treats,

*We also can always use towels, fleece, & blankets,
Left photo:An own son of Sherry Kirschental from his final litter before Retirement! This young male is a fabulous prospect for someone interested in Tending/Herding or a super candidate for farm work. He shows high aptitude for what he was bred for! He is a stunning mover and has impeccable pigment. Playful, happy, biddable dog. No formal training, but he would be a super partner for someone to train for many possible activities, and a fun and affectionate, bonded pet.  I prefer his handler have experience in developing a young dog. No first time owner, no small children. He needs someone who will have ample time for HIM.
We are happy to provide more information upon inquiry, and request that you provide us some information upon inquiring, so that we can ascertain if the dog might be a good match for you, or can recommend one who might be.

We have other animals (puppy-adult) in need of adoptive homes.  Please inquire, and at time of inquiry, provide some details on what you are looking for. Many animals who need a home are great individuals who need something - training, your ability to overlook a defect, maybe prefers a home with another dog, needs housebreakng etc. Generally, if you raise a puppy, that animal grows to accept the paramters of your life. It is unrealistic to expect all adoptable dogs to be "good with cats, kids, like to swim, be housebroken, walk on lead, know commands, love all other dogs, love all people, be no older than 1 year and be "perfect." 

When you choose to adopt, you must be willing to allow the puppy or dog time to acclimate, and not expect the dog to be tuned in to you and afectionate right away. A dog or puppy who has had his world turned updside down needs time to settle in to a new routine, new surroundings, and to begin to rely on you. Some of my most bonded and devoted dogs came to me as adults;  the relationship took time to develop.

If you have some training experience, are realistic in your expectations, and hoping to adopt a dog, we might have a really wonderful puppy or dog for you.

Young Adult Male for sale! He is a lovely boy. He has very balanced conformation; no extremes, rich red pigment, and is very handsome and expressive.  Happy character, totally steady around my toddler, & other dogs. He is not an overly high energy dog - content with some playtime and knows how to chill. Knows some basics and is currently in training. As his education increases, so will his price. Carries an Excellent bloodline cross that has been very successful for us in the past. This is a special dog. Current on all vaccines, Not for breeding - one testicle undescended, ready to be your partner. 1,600  *He has never been an only dog & would do best with at least one other, preferably female. His ideal home has no cats and no small children with time to focus on HIM.
I have several young adult dogs available for sale.
If you want a young adult (vs a puppy) because you have no real dog raising experience and you don’t want to spend time training, & housebreaking, these dogs are Not for you.

If you have a long laundry list of musts - such as “Must be good with my cats, my kids, like to swim,
be trained, housebroken, love all my guests but wary of strangers, and cost no more than 700 dollars” - I do not have what you want. When you have many parameters and want a dog who will fit seamlessly into your activities it is better if you raise a puppy in the life you want them to be comfortable in.

If you have some experience in raising, socializing, and training a puppy/dog, are a confident leader who understands how to help a dog understand what is expected and you are able to set her/him up for success, this might be a great opportunity for you.

If you have a young adult/ playful adult dog already, it might make sense for you to add a playmate already of size and development to be a good playmate from the get go, vs a fragile baby. The dogs here have all become accustomed to having other dogs around, and in most cases, would prefer a home with a pal.

I also have dogs for adoption. In most cases the adoptable dogs are NOT “between 6 months and 1.5 years”. A 4 -6 year old adult has many years to be a great companion and usually, these dogs ARE housebroken, trained, healthy, and current on vaccinations. Most of them will not have ever had cat experience, and I can not say they will like your cats. More likely they will not. (I do have one who lived peacefully with a cat previously.)

I do not list every available animal, and I match animals to families by suitability vs by a photo you saw and liked. If you are interested in purchasing a young adult or adopting a dog, please email me with some details other than “We are looking for a dog between 6 months and 2.” Tell me about your family, children’s ages if any, your schedule, your other pets, your experience level, what you want, what you Must have and what you are flexible on.

Above photo: 1 year old male, playful, energetic, wants to have adventures and attention. Both testicles descended, healthy, excellent black and red pigment, handsome dog. The photo doesn't capture how handsome he is - he was standing awkwardly, but he was still, so I took a photo! Medium  size. 1,800, vaccinated, and all dogs leave with current health certificate.