We held our first ever Traumhof-Bred fun Conformation Show & Obedience Challenge on September 12, 2010.
Our goal was to involve even the families who had no aspirations to show or compete with their pet, and would normally not participate. We made it acceptable to show a spayed or neutered dog, as well as a long coated dog, and all were judged equally. We helped to present each dog for the judge, so that everyone had an equal chance, regardless of their experience level. And, for Obedience, we did not judge handler position and finer points so much as we looked for teamwork, compliance, and attention.
It was so wonderful to see so many of our puppies and dogs having fun with their families, and to see the pride everyone took in their dog. The owners faces were beaming in the photos on the podium, with their dog, & trophy.  We thank all of the families who came out and joined us, and we thank our Judges, Erin & Heather, who did an excellent job over a long day!
More photos to come as Families send them in!